Warrior YG-58Z (3D Concept)

Modeling and Texturing was easy compared to designing a badass looking giant being. That is a whole different game when you think of all the aspects. I've been spending my free times at nights for almost few months. From sketch to final 3D model. (considering time to time I was busy and couldn't work on this.) Yet I remember maybe for a hundred times I scaled up and down the same legs and arms. I have to admit there has been a lot of back and forths and As with anything, there are a million ways I wanted to polish it or refine some more, but I'm pretty happy with where it ended. It was a great journey for me of learning and problem solving. So grateful and thankful to all the friends and my sweet wife Sena for the inspirations and advices. After all she is always my number 1 supporter. Besides great thanks to Gokhan Ilhan and Cuneyt Guclu for the motivation and inspiration at our Beer nights with critics of each of us' works. They are the best. And thank you for checking out my work.